About Us

What makes us different

We are a team of entrepreneur-to-entrepreneur problem solvers—experts with decades of experience crafting personalized lending solutions that drive profits.

We are backed by a strong capital base. As a portfolio originator to a large asset manager—the Next Edge Private Debt Fund, we benefit from a long-term focus and the infrastructure to deliver scalable financing as you grow.

Collectively, we are dedicated to alternative financing.  Founded in 2006, the fund is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, and concentrates its investment efforts within North America.  

Our focus is on building a diverse portfolio using a relationship-based sourcing model, with established referral sources, and comprehensive due diligence.  We believe today’s economy is attractive for our products and services due to a large and diverse target market and a very active non-bank lending environment. 

Next Edge Clients can expect

  • Fast underwriting and fast decisions.
  • No bureaucracy. No red-tape. No surprises.
  • Direct collaboration with our decision makers.
  • A dedication to service over self-interest.
  • Dedicated support from a portfolio management team.
  • Total commitment to your company's success.

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